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Can’t See The Golf Ball?

// November 14, 2016

I am the doctor for four of the top ten golfers in the world.  And not a week goes by during the peak season where I don’t get a call from one of them in a panic.  Why are they in a panic?  They can’t see the golf ball!  And why can’t they see the ball – ALLERGIES!

Allergies may seem like a simple annoyance … but they impact 50 million Americans … and, for my players, not being able to see the ball could cost them millions.

I know what they have on the line – so I’ve devised an allergy proofing system for each golfer in my care … and now, for the first time, I am sharing it with all of you.  This is the same advice that I give US OPEN champion, Justin Rose.

You may not have millions at stake, but I know how much you love the game and how you want to play your best every time you hit the links.

So here we go…


Here’s the first thing you need to know … not all antihistamines serve the same purpose.   One kind puts you to sleep … the other one does not.  Simple principal, but most people get confused – and that’s why they are falling asleep on antihistamines!

Here’s what you want to take at night:

Benadryl (25 mg 2 hours before bedtime)

Here’s what you want to take during the day:

Zyrtec or Claritin (1 tablet every six hours)

If you are confused – remember, Benadryl begins with the letter “B” and it will send you straight to Bed!  Bet you won’t forget now!

And put this advanced antihistamine advice in your allergy proofing arsenal!  What’s the secret weapon?  Antihistamine eye drops!  No fancy prescription here folks … just pick them up at your local drugstore.  Use two drops every 3 hours and you watch your vision get clearer.


Most of you will be in good shape if you just use what I taught you in Antihistamine 101.  But, about 20 percent of you may want to consider more drastic measures in the form of an annual allergy shot.  There are many variations, but if you are interested, look for the ones that contain a steroid called Kenalog.  The shot is highly effective and safe in adults. But please know … the shot can only be given once a year and you need up to 2 days for the shot to become fully effective.

Because my golfers have millions on the line, they all get this shot.   Most of them receive it right before the Masters because that’s where the pollen count is the highest.  None of them want to miss this winning injection … Justin Rose even flew me to the Bahamas this year to administer it myself.

That’s a top tier insider’s trick … but for most of you, just follow my advice with over the counter medication and you will nip those allergies in the bud.


These days, allergy testing is in vogue … but honestly for my players, I don’t think it makes a difference.  Why?  Because golf is their profession – and they need to do whatever they have to to show up and play their best.  I treat them to make that possible.

Now, for you weekend warriors … here are my thoughts.

Allergy testing can be very expensive.  On average you are looking at about 1000 dollars.  And, the information you get may or may not help you.  It might guide you to avoiding different courses or areas of the country … but if you are a die-hard golfer, chances are you will want to play no matter what.  I am not advising either way on this one … but before you spend money on testing, consider whether your results you get will actually change your golfing decisions.

Of course, consult your personal physician … but in most cases, the simple rules I gave you will save you from those game blowing watery eyes and allergy ridden sleepless nights.

Great news, right?  Now you know … so tell your partners and share this blog with your friends.  Make the commitment today to keep your allergies under control … and then watch these simple tips tee you up for a glorious game of golf.