Sumo Wrestler’s Weight Loss Secret
November 18, 2017

When I asked a Sumo wrestler I was interviewing for my book how he got so big so quickly, he asked me “How you stay so small?” Turned out that the Sumos know exactly how to stay ‘small’ and worked …

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Eat Right, Supercharge Your Score
September 22, 2017

Despite all the amazing medical advances on the planet, optimal health still begins with how we fuel our body.  I am talking about what we eat and what we drink. As part of supercharged health for my pro golfers, their …

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Can’t See The Golf Ball?
November 14, 2016

I am the doctor for four of the top ten golfers in the world.  And not a week goes by during the peak season where I don’t get a call from one of them in a panic.  Why are they …

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I’m Packing Your RX Solution
June 30, 2015

Everything about my golfers’ health is personal to me.  That’s because I know that if they are in peak condition they will not only win more often, but they will also be better husbands, fathers and live a happier, more …

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No Pain, No Gain! Really????
June 18, 2015

During a post-round interview in 2013, Tiger Woods said “You can play hurt, but not injured”. It really caught my attention because no pro-athlete has quite made that distinction before yet. Here’s why I found it intriguing: I often face …

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Rest your weight to a smaller waistline
May 19, 2015

When I work with private patients to help them lose weight, I start with this question “How much and how well do you sleep?’ It never fails to them! What has sleep got to do with losing weight? More than …

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