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Stay-at-home orders have another health advantage

// April 27, 2020

In an interview posted on The Good Men Project’s website about supporting a healthy immune system, I reminded readers that this is also a good time to improve their eating habits. Use the limited store hours and restricted movement to your advantage. You’re less able to buy unhealthy foods on impulse. If you struggle with willpower, go out and buy healthy, more nourishing foods.

I’ve posted the link so you can read the entire article for tips on priming your immune system. Here are some highlights:

  1. Limit your intake of foods that may promote inflammation such as processed foods. That means doing more cooking. So make sure you’re using an oil that’s not going to promote inflammation such as Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil. Another good one for light heat or cold applications such as salad dressings is chia oil.
  2. Get 40-50 minutes of moderate exercise to mobilize immune cells. Low-intensity exercise may also help you burn fat. Be careful not to exercise too intensely because that can trigger an inflammatory response.
  3. Stay hydrated and well rested. These two things will help you manage impulses to overeat. I know many of you are bored and tempted to binge on unhealthy foods!

The worst of this pandemic will hopefully be over soon. Please stay safe and take precautions. I don’t want to meet you in the emergency room.