#Functional Sports Medicine

Lose Weight by skipping workouts

// November 29, 2018

I know what you maybe thinking… ”What? You are crazy dude…no way dude! I’d be the happiest person in the world if this was true!”. Well, rejoice my friends! Study after study during my research has confirmed this conclusion: excess cortisol leads to excess fat. Huh?

Ok here is the simplified version (my mum got this!)

When you exercise, you release a hormone called cortisol. The same hormone you release when you are starving. The longer you workout, the more the cortisol you release. But here’s what I found – evening workouts cause a cortisol eruption!

What’s the big deal with cortisol? Cortisol makes your body think its starving, that a famine is imminent. So, to prepare for the famine you start to store fat.

Really? What about all those skinny marathon runners? Well believe it or not, as soon as they give up running and start eating, they put a ton of fat on. Their bodies are starving!

So to shed the fat don’t exercise after sunset. This way you avoid the fat storing cortisol bumps. If you couldn’t fit it in during your hectic day, give it a miss. You have my permission if you need. Exercising at night is not the answer.. unless its between the sheets!