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Sumo Wrestler’s Weight Loss Secret

// November 18, 2017

When I asked a Sumo wrestler I was interviewing for my book how he got so big so quickly, he asked me “How you stay so small?” Turned out that the Sumos know exactly how to stay ‘small’ and worked hard at doing just the opposite.

The 5 ancient secrets I learnt behind the closed doors of the Sumo stable holds the key to busting your belly fat, forever. These simple gizmo free tips can be done by anyone at any age. So lets get you started.

Tip1 Break your Fast

Sumos detest breakfast…it burns fat!I t sets your fat burning thermostat on high all day long Keep it light – eggs and fresh fruits, healthy cereal and coffee. Don’t overindulge. Do this and watch you waistline tighten up.

Tip 2 Exercise on Empty

Sumos workout in the morning on an empty. Some trainers I see still advice the same. I don’t know why…Do you burn fat better this way? Hell no! You burn way less fat…ask any Sumo! Exercising on an empty tank stalls the engine. You slow down and start saving fat! The direct opposite of what you want.

Tip 3 Ferocious feasting

When its time to eat, the stampede of sumos will crush anything in their way to the dinner table. They eat fast, very fast. And a lot. A ton of food vanishes very quickly. Does this sound like you at your workplace cafeteria? To lose your belly, eat slowly. That way you don’t overeat! If you wobble, don’t gobble!

Tip 4 Siesta after your fiesta

Sumos shut it down after their heavy outrageous lunch with Long lazy naps. They make sure they do not burn any of the calories they just inhaled. If you want to stop your belly bouncing, keep active after eating. Walk at work, take the stairs, take a long route back to the office chair. Moving after eating is key to your jeans fitting!

Tip 5 Fat does not make you fat

I saved the best for last. This blew me away. When I sat with my giant friends, we ate carbs. Almost fat free carbs. Carbs carbs and more carbs. Then we washed it all down with more carbs (beer!).  All the extra Carbs converts to fat much quicker than fat does. So cut carbs to keep your curves/ ease up on the carbs to tighten your abs!