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    Signature Talks

    FSM Foundations Course

    Dr. Ara shares real life stories from Emergencies Rooms from all around the world and the top 5 physical challenges faced by professional athletes to help you, the Corporate Athlete. He helps you design a strategy to extract your dormant vitality, add life to your years and turbocharge your performance.

    The Biology of Greatness

    Dr. Ara uses athletes to bring to live the 10 keys to Superhuman Performance. By studying the lives of great athletes such as Mohammad Ali and Roger Bannister, and working closely behind close doors with Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and Great Britain’s Olympic Gold medal winning cycling team, Dr. Ara shares the up close and personal keys that make the best, the greatest.

    A-Live by Design

    Born in the tiny village of Klang in Malaysia, Dr. Ara went from scrubbing floors in Burger King to become the world’s most sought after expert in Functional Sports Medicine and the Chief Medical Analyst on NBC Sport’s Golf Channel. How? Dr. Ara shares his personal keys to success , which he defines as “Living life on your terms. A life by design, not default. You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live. We need to be free-range people!”. He shares precious life lessons, words of wisdom and personal strategies, secrets to his meteorical rise.

    Trauma training, being James Bond, Aging backwards and breaking 70.

    A tantalizing tour on the art of influencing people, the internal wiring of great athletes, interesting ER visits and the blessings of three hundred and fifty two consecutive rejection letters that maps my crazy rise from a tiny village in Klang, Malaysia to NBC Sports in the USA, with a few Emergency Rooms stops along the way.

    “To avoid long term injury, seek immediate medical help for erections lasting more than 4 hours”.

    From Viagra to the Flu vaccine …. debunking the myth and misconceptions of 10 of the most commonly prescribed medication and dietary supplements on the PGA tour. This lecture may contain scenes that some may find disturbing!

    The Pain Decoder

    Do you understand the ancient language of pain? Is that twinge serious or a split second blip on the radar? Your pain always tells me a story. When “take this tablet 3 times a day, rest for 6 weeks and then make an appointment to see me again” is not an option, you need my insider secrets to quick fixes for pain that I use exclusively with in professional athletes to get them back swinging immediately based on decoding the message hidden in your pain.


    Working with Ara has been both beneficial for my health and education. He does an unbelievable job of diagnosing what’s going on, then teaching why it’s happening and how to fix the problem.

    Kevin Chappell

    PGA Tour Pro Golfer

    Dr. Ara has consistently helped me to feel healthy, strong and at my best! I trust him fully.

    Lydia Ko

    LPGA Tour Pro Golfer

    Simply…. Ara is the best at what he does.

    Ian Poulter

    PGA Tour Pro Golfer

    I feel like the results speak for themselves.

    Justin Rose

    World #1 / Olympic Gold Medalist

    Dr. Ara is who I trust for all my medical needs.

    Henrik Stenson

    PGA Tour Pro Golfer

    The first wealth is health and Ara has given me this time after time.

    Vijay Singh

    PGA Tour Pro Golfer

    His philosophy on health and wellness resonated with me.

    Steve Stricker

    PGA Tour Pro Golfer

    No one I rely on more for medical advice than Dr. Ara.

    Gary Woodland

    PGA Tour Pro Golfer